December 2017 archive

Upgrading NSX Controllers to NSX 6.3.3 or later deletes any associated DRS anti-affinity rules

So this post is a follow-up and somewhat related to my prevoius post regarding upgrade of NSX Controllers not retaining syslog conf. I also noticed that the current DRS-Anti-Affinity regler are deleted when upgrading the NSX Controllers to 6.3.4. This is documented at Vmware Upgrade docs for the NSX Controllers Important: In NSX 6.3.3 the …

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Upgrade of NSX Controllers to 6.3.4 will not retain syslog configuration

The other day at a customer I noticed that after we had upgraded the NSX environment (NSX Manager and NSX Controllers) from 6.2.4 to 6.3.4 the syslog configured on the NSX Controllers was lost and not retained after the upgrade. One reason for this I suspect is that with version 6.3 and up on NSX …

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