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Networking and Security with NSX-T in vSphere with Tanzu

In this post we will explore how Networking and Security with NSX-T in vSphere with Tanzu works and can be utilized by VirtualInfrastructure Admins and also with DevOps and Developers. A secondary post regarding how Developers themselves can utilize the built in Network CNI Antrea that is the default shipped with Tanzu is also coming, …

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vSphere with Tanzu

In this post I intend to explore vSphere with Tanzu and why the product is interesting for customers to choose, compared to running Kubernetes in a manual setup maintaining it by your self or choosing another solution to orchestrate the orchestrator Kubernetes, for the delivery of a platform that can serve infrastructure for containerized applications. …

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Scheduled PostgreSQL backup of Cloud Director Embedded DB

In this post I want to describe how a backup of the PostgreSQL database for Cloud Director can be setup to be scheduled In the VMware documentation there is only a description on how one could take a manual backup of the Postgres DB. In normal Operations t can be convenient to have this automated …

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VMware Certified Master Specialist – Cloud Native 2020 – Passed

So last week 17 September 2020, I passed the VMware Certified Master Specialist Cloud Native 2020 exam. I can agree with some of my colleagues that have also passed this exam that it was not an easy test to pass since this was my second attempt. For me the reason it was a bit hard …

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Automatic Failover of the VMware Cloud Director 10.1 Appliance

So in this post I wanted to describe how a setup with Cloud Director 10.1 with embedded PostgreSQL DB can be set to automatic failover. As described in VMware documentation se Link So starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.1 the automatic failover functionallity has been added for the roles related to the database that is …

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How to put Cloud Director 10.1 Multi-cell appliances with embedded DB into Maintenance-mode.

In this short post I wanted to describe a procedure on how you should put you Cloud Director 10.1 appliances with the embedded PostgreSQL DB into maintenance mode. Both for the VCD Service and also the DB to be moved if the cell is a Primary cell in the DB Cluster. The case of going …

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NSX-T integration with vCloud Director 10

Hi!In this post I will detail the process of what is needed inorder to consume network resources from NSX-T Data Center. As of today with vCloud Director 10 and NSX-T 2.5 there are restrictions, requirements and design decisions that are related to both vCloud Director and NSX-T that must be kept in mind before deciding …

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NSX-T 2.5 Custom Monitoring Dashboard

In this post I wanted to explain something that is not well documented with Vmware today. The topic is how to create a custom dashboard in NSX-T based on Widgets. In the NSX-T Manager UI interface there are different monitoring dashboards out of the box that one can view and get information from. These dashboards …

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Micro-Segmentation and Security Design Planning with vRealize Network Insight, vRNI

This blogpost has been prepared to describe the Micro-Segmentation and security conceptual design planning utilizing VMware vRealize Network Insight, vRNI. It can act as a support for anyone that wishes to know how to think and implement doing microsegmentation in a VMware based environment either with NSX-V or NSX-T. Some of my text that is …

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vExpert 2019!

Happy to update that I’m now a 2nd Time vExpert 2019 I also would like to congratulate all the other returning vExpert NSX members and welcome to all new members joining for the 1st time! Link to the Announcements! https://blogs.vmware.com/vexpert/2019/03/07/vexpert-2019-award-announcement/

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