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VMWARE VCLOUD DIRECTOR 9.5 Released and what’s new?

The new version of vCloud Director is being released and I wanted to do a quick writeup on what to expect with the new version and all the features that will be available. Most interesting in my standpoint. If you are a developer working in vCD Cloud are the new integration with NSX-T and Kubernetes. …

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2018 vExpert NSX

Happy to update that I’m now a vExpert NSX 2018. I also would like to congratulate all the other returning vExpert NSX members and welcome to all new members joining for the 1st time! Link to the Announcements:

Upgrade of NSX Controllers to 6.3.4 will not retain syslog configuration

The other day at a customer I noticed that after we had upgraded the NSX environment (NSX Manager and NSX Controllers) from 6.2.4 to 6.3.4 the syslog configured on the NSX Controllers was lost and not retained after the upgrade. One reason for this I suspect is that with version 6.3 and up on NSX …

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Passed the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 – Network Virtualization Exam

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, I have been studying alot for the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 – Network Virtualization Exam, and yesterday I passed it with 383/500 points needed. I just recieved my 2 new badges from Acclaim regarding the certifications that I now have recieved from Vmware. Here I will descibe my …

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Problems with installing NSX Components on Hosts without correct DNS set.

Today I was encountered with a problem that took me a while to understand. I was going to prepare a Compute Cluster with the NSX Components, vxlan and vxlan-sip vibs in NSX Manager. The problem was that it always failed and did not want to install the vibs. The errors that were displayed are shown below. …

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Create a XaaS in vRealize Orchestrator for vRealize Automation and NSX

This week I have dedicated myself of how to create a Workflow in vRealize Orchestrator inorder to create a XaaS, Anything as a Service blueprint in vRealize Automation. The problem is this: I have created a multi-machine blueprint in vRA see previous post that creates Windows VMs behind an Edge Loadbalancer. Now I want to make sure …

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Create Multimachine Blueprint with vRealize Automation and VMware NSX