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Scheduled PostgreSQL backup of Cloud Director Embedded DB

In this post I want to describe how a backup of the PostgreSQL database for Cloud Director can be setup to be scheduled In the VMware documentation there is only a description on how one could take a manual backup of the Postgres DB. In normal Operations t can be convenient to have this automated …

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Automatic Failover of the VMware Cloud Director 10.1 Appliance

So in this post I wanted to describe how a setup with Cloud Director 10.1 with embedded PostgreSQL DB can be set to automatic failover. As described in VMware documentation se Link So starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.1 the automatic failover functionallity has been added for the roles related to the database that is …

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How to put Cloud Director 10.1 Multi-cell appliances with embedded DB into Maintenance-mode.

In this short post I wanted to describe a procedure on how you should put you Cloud Director 10.1 appliances with the embedded PostgreSQL DB into maintenance mode. Both for the VCD Service and also the DB to be moved if the cell is a Primary cell in the DB Cluster. The case of going …

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NSX-T integration with vCloud Director 10

Hi!In this post I will detail the process of what is needed inorder to consume network resources from NSX-T Data Center. As of today with vCloud Director 10 and NSX-T 2.5 there are restrictions, requirements and design decisions that are related to both vCloud Director and NSX-T that must be kept in mind before deciding …

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VMware Specialist – Cloud Provider 2019

Today I recieved the latest certification called VMware Specialist – Cloud Provider 2019 after passing the exam last week. The certification validates my expertise in deploying and managing VMware vCloud Director and demonstrates knowledge of the overall Cloud Provider Platform.

Part II – Setup full vCenter with NSX Environment vAPP in vCloud Director

In this continuing post I will continue with the installation of the second DC site called DC2. Here is the overall picture of how it will look like when done in vCenter.

Part I – Setup full vCenter with NSX Environment vAPP in vCloud Director

In this Blog post I will setup a full vCenter with NSX Environment. The Setup is going to contain 1 Domain Controller based on Windows Server 2016 1 RDS Remote Desktop Server used for maintaining the environment 2 Management ESXi hosts 2 Compute ESXi hosts 1 Openfiler iSCSI VM used to provision shared storage to …

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